An AI portrait of Sydney Sweeney was presented during the 2024 Samsung Unpacked event. The Euphoria actress was in attendance to react to the image.

They first introduced Sweeney, who was sitting in the crowd. The presenter then revealed that they used her portrait to create a 3-D image before unveiling it. Samsung's AI portrait of Sydney Sweeney almost resembled Disney animation with its big eyes and glossy hair.

“Aww, I love it,” Sweeney bashfully reacted.

Samsung and Sweeney have had a partnership for a while. The Anyone But You actress was featured in an advertisement for Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip5.

Only Sydney Sweeney knows her true feelings on Samsung's AI portrait. However, fans on social media weighed in on the awkward moment. Some believe that she did not actually love the image.

Social media reacts

Some fans were not buying her reaction. In the comment section of the clip posted by Sydney Sweeney Updates on X (@sydnews), one fan pointed out her face, which looked less than amused. “Look at her face bro[,] she hates it…” one fan pointed out.

“Sydney[,] blink twice, we need to get you out of there,” another weighed in.

The clip posted by Discussing Film (via Sydney Sweeney Updates) has a second part of Sweeney's response cut out of Samsung's official post of the Unpacked event. “It's amazing you can take an image like this,” she said.

“She's a very polite person because really the reaction should be ‘it looks s**t,” an X user said.

“She looks absolutely terrified,” a different fan said. “It looks like she wants to run out of there.”

Who is Sydney Sweeney?

Sydney Sweeney at the Emmys in 2018.
Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY.

After first gaining notoriety for roles in Everything Sucks and The Handmaid's Tale, Sweeney gained fame for starring in Euphoria. In the same year Euphoria debuted, Sweeney had a small role in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Her career took off thanks to Euphoria fame, and Sweeney then landed a starring role in the first season of the anthology series The White Lotus. She then had a banner year in 2023, starring in Reality, Americana, and Anyone But You.

Anyone But You is a new rom-com that stars Sweeney and Glen Powell. The movie is a loose retelling of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. After initially hitting it off, Sweeney and Powell's characters have a miscommunication that sends them their own way.

They meet again months later as they are a part of the wedding parties of mutual friends. The two have to pose as lovers as a cover from all of their friends. And it was a big hit — the movie made over $220 million worldwide.

The following year, Sweeney kicked off 2024 by starring in Madame Web. She played Julia Cornwall in the movie that also featured Dakota Johnson, Adam Scott, Emma Roberts, Isabela Merced, and Celeste O'Connor.

Despite being in Sony's Spider-Man Universe, Madame Web was a financial flop. It barely topped $100 million at the box office despite its star power. She followed that up by starring in Immaculate, a horror movie directed by Michael Mohan.