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Bill O’Brien actually thinks Texans’ offensive line has ‘played well’

Bill O'Brien, Christian McCaffrey, Texans

Through the first two games of the 2019 NFL season, it appears as though the Houston Texans offensive line has picked up right where they left off with their lackluster protection. Regardless, head coach Bill O’Brien is still rather optimistic about their current performance.

The Texans have already allowed quarterback Deshaun Watson to be sacked a league-leading 10 times this season. According to Mark Lane of the Texans Wire, O’Brien believes they are showing signs of improvement.

“I think the line has actually played well,” O’Brien told reporters Wednesday. “Now, we could all do better. The line has played well…”

O’Brien elaborated that he is not attributing all the sacks to merely just the offensive line.

“We’re seeing a lot of pressure and we’ve got to do a better job against the pressure,” said O’Brien. “We’ve got to understand that that involves more than the line. Sometimes there’s guys coming that’s not the line’s responsibility. So, a lot goes into that. We have to cut down on it, we know that, we’re working very hard to do that.”

There is no denying that the Texans have had to make a few adjustments so far the 2019 campaign. They managed to kick things up a notch with their blockbuster trade for left tackle Laremy Tunsil, however, he is still in the midst of finding his footing alongside rookie left guard Tytus Howard. Meanwhile, right tackle Seantrel Henderson was officially replaced by Roderick Johnson in Week 2 due to his lackluster performance in the season opener.

Although O’Brien is encouraged by the progress the offensive line has made thus far, the Texans do not have the benefit of allowing Watson to continue taking a beating while they find ways to adjust. This season has already seen some of the NFL’s most notable quarterbacks go down with severe injuries. Houston must do a much better job of keeping their franchise quarterback out of harm’s way if they hope to compete.