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Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins can catch flies with his hands

DeAndre Hopkins, Texans

Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is an elite pass catcher, but evidently, footballs aren’t the only things he is good at catching. Hopkins told Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning that when he was younger he would practice his skills by catching flies with his hands.

Hopkins also said that he would study the flies, but he doesn’t like to tell too many people that because it’s embarrassing.

“This is something I haven’t told many people, because it’s embarrassing,” Hopkins said. “We always used to catch flies with our hands. I was the only one who could catch ‘em. One-handed, two-handed. I actually studied flies. I’d watch ‘em. How do you catch flies? They fly up. If I can catch that, I can catch anything.”

It’s quite impressive that Hopkins could catch flies, and keep them alive when doing, because that means he was quick with his hands, but also not too forceful to hurt them.

Last season Hopkins put up impressive stats catching 115 passes for 1,572 yards and 11 touchdowns. The most impressive part of the stat sheet though was under the drop category, he didn’t have one.

That is something he has always prided himself on, and maybe it was because of his impressive feat of catching flies. There are a lot of different techniques young players can use to improve their hands, but maybe all they really need is to find some flies and try to catch them. It worked for Hopkins and it could work for the next young up and comer.