CJ Stroud is the future of the Houston Texans. The second overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, Stroud was drafted in the hopes that he'll be able to lead this franchise. Not just in terms of talent: Houston wants HIM to be their leader. Already, we're seeing nothing but good things from Stroud in training camp. Teammates gush about his leadership and his poise… and his play, of course.

One of the most staunch supporters of CJ Stroud is his star blindside block Laremy Tunsil. Tunsil, a multi-time All-Pro guard, commented two weeks ago about the Texans rookie taking control of the team. In a recent interview, the star LT doubled down on this take, saying he's proud of the rookie for the leadership he's showing, per Houston Chronicle.

“I see an unbelievable leadership that he has,” Tunsil said of Stroud. “He came in here day one, and everyone knows that this is going to be his team.”

Despite that leadership, Tunsil knows that he still needs to be there for the rookie. The star Texans left tackle said that he'll support Stroud in his leadership, that he'll be the mentor to the future leader of the team.

“Just be a leader, be a mentor for him,” Tunsil said. “If he needs this or that, I’m here to help him, but C.J. has done a good job being a leader himself. I’m not worried about C.J. I know he’s going to get it done.”

If we're going off of training camp performances, Stroud is on track to start in Week 1 for the Texans. Can Stroud deliver on the hype and help lead Houston out of the misery they find themselves in?