The Texas A&M football team has a big season ahead of them in 2024. Things didn't work out with Jimbo Fisher, and now the Aggies have Mike Elko coming over from Duke to be their new head coach. Texas A&M is loaded with talent as one thing Fisher was able to do was recruit. We'll see if Elko can do a better job of crafting the on-field product.

Texas A&M football has had high expectations coming into most recent seasons, but things just haven't panned out for them yet. The Aggies are desperate for success, and they are hoping Mike Elko can bring it. Elko recently told ESPN what he expects to see from his team in year one.

“I think you're going to see a team that's willing to play for each other and play for this university,” Elko said. “I think you're going to see a team that plays with an awful lot of grit and toughness. I think those have been what you've seen from any defense that I've coached in the last two years at Duke. It's certainly what you saw, and I think we're going to go to work to make that the product, and I think our fans are going to love coming out and supporting this team and how they conduct themselves and how they go about playing game.”

Elko was able to have a lot of success while he was the head coach at Duke. There is a lot that he learned there that he can use at Texas A&M.

“You just learn how to be the CEO of the football program,” Elko said in regards to his time with the Blue Devils. “You can do all the preparation you want, until you get in the chair and you feel what it's really like to have everything around the program involved in the decision-makings. You have to take part of understanding that you're responsible for everything from overseeing ticket sales to everything. You got to have your hand in every piece of the program. You can't quantify that when you're a defensive coordinator. And so I think just getting an understanding of what it all looks like, how to put it all together. We certainly had a lot of success at Duke, but we certainly look back at two years and say there's a lot of areas we could have done it better and we could have fixed some things or done some things different.”

There is a lot of pressure on Mike Elko in his first season as the head coach of the Texas A&M football team. We'll see how year one goes for him and the Aggies.