The Texas A&M football team has a big season coming in 2024 with Mike Elko as their new head coach. The Aggies have had a lot of talent in recent years, but Jimbo Fisher wasn't able to do much with it. It's been a disappointing stretch for Texas A&M, and Elko was brought to College Station to fix that.

One thing that Mike Elko is particularly excited about is working with his offensive coordinator, Collen Klein. Klein was a huge get for Elko and Texas A&M football, and Elko already has a lot of good things to say about him.

“I think first, it's having Collin Klein, who is one of the brightest young minds in all of college football right now, and certainly a guy that played the position in an extremely high level and did it from a toughness standpoint at an extremely high level,” Elko said, according to an article from ESPN. “And I think all of that commands a certain level of respect. And so you announced Collin as the OC and all of a sudden Conner's up here 12 hours later and he wants to talk to him. And so you see those guys starting to meet and formulate those relationships. And we also have two other quarterbacks, Jaylen Henderson and Marcel Reed, who are also very talented and we started seeing those guys come around. And so that [quarterback] room means everything, right? Everybody knows this, from NFL to college football. Your ability to develop and play at a high level at quarterback is what helps win and lose football games. I think that's going in a really good direction.”

Mike Elko hasn't been at Texas A&M for very long, but so far he seems to be doing the right things in the offseason. However, that doesn't mean it hasn't been hectic.

“A whirlwind of epic proportion,” Mike Elko said about his time with Texas A&M football so far. “I don't know that you can describe taking a job on the day that the portal window opens, two weeks before signing day with no staff, right? Trying to put all of that together into a puzzle, right? So yeah, I mean, it's a lot, and you've got to be really patient and put it together the way you believe in and get it going where you want it to go.”

With the talent that is on this team, the Aggies have the potential to be a very good football team next year. Texas A&M fans are hoping that Elko can bring them back to relevancy.