The last patch of TFT before the Mid-Set update comes is now here for some updates on buffs and nerfs. TFT patch 12.3 is now online mainly reworking how Tome of Traits as well as Prismatic Hextech Augments are. There are also mild buffs and nerfs coming to prepare for the coming of Set 6.5 Mid-Set update, Neon Nights. TFT patch 12.3 went live on February 2, 2022 for you to play for 2 weeks. 

Hextech Augments

Riot’s Lead Designer for Teamfight Tactics, Mort, already release his explanation on how Tome of Traits will differ. On the release of the patch notes, Tome of Traits now gives tacticians “tailored” Emblems depending on  the total active and inactive traits in the previous combat round. Here is the list of conditions the Tome of Trait imposes that depends on your total:

  • 0 to 4 inactive or active traits = 0 tailored emblems
  • 5 to 6 inactive or active traits = 1 tailored emblem
  • 7 to 8 inactive or active traits = 2 tailored emblems
  • 9 to 10 inactive or active traits = 3 tailored emblems
  • 11 or more inactive or active traits = 4 tailored emblems
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Tailored emblem means that it will guarantee you out of the active or inactive you already have in your traits. So if you have a lot of traits active or inactive, 4 of those will be seen in your Tome of Trait. They also changed Prismatic Trait-linked Augments since sometimes, tacticians are already committed to one trait before the second and third augment arrives. Prismatic Trait-link Augments now hinders that possibility to avoid having dead choices compared to your opponents. This however has an exception if when two Mutants or two Mercenaries are in play, they may be offered Mutant or Mercenary Crowns. 

Of course, there are also changes among other augments to balance out everything. Some of the augments are always prioritized before the others while some are close to being unworthy of selecting as an augment. Here is a list of the changes made for some of the augments before Set 6.5 arrives.

  • Ancient Archives (Tome of Traits): Gold to Silver
  • Exiles I and II percent Health Shield: 35/50% scaled down to 30/45%
  • Featherweights Attack Speed: 30/40/60% scaled down to 25/35/55%
  • Shrug It Off percent Health regen per second: 3 down to 2.5%
  • Sunfire Board burn duration: 8 increased to 10 seconds
  • Sunfire Board max burn total (over the course of 10 seconds) Health percentage: 16% increased to 20%
  • Thrill of the Hunt I and II Heal on Kill: 300/600 increased to 400/700
  • Underdogs percent Health regen per second: 10% down to 9%
  • High Roller bonus Gold: 4g increased to 8g
  • Knife’s Edge Attack Damage: 25/40/55 rescaled to 25/35/50
  • Mercenary Heart no longer grants 1 Gold
  • Socialite Heart no longer grants 1 Gold
  • Windfall Gold: 15/30/45 rescaled to 18/30/45


Two traits also have a slight change to them to increase the chances of having them picked as tactician’s sub-trait. Socialites (2) got buffed increasing its mana regeneration from 3 to 4 per second giving the spotlighted champion faster ult access. Bodyguard armor also increased in scaling from 75/150/250/450 to 80/160/250/450 to bolster them up more in the front lines. Innovator (7) however got a decrease for it’s summon Mechanical Dragon reducing the bonus Critical Strike Damage buff of 40% to 30%.

Some other notable changes include the champion Swain having his mana pool increased 0/80 to 0/85 to lessen the frequency of his powerful ult. Runaan’s Hurricane additional bolt Attack Damage is also reduced from 75% to 70%.

The Mid-Set Update Neon Nights is coming to us on the February 16th of 2022. We’re now prepared and set for another invasion of new champions in the Gizmos & Gadgets update of Teamfight Tactics.