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The 1 hurdle Eagles QB Jalen Hurts must clear to become a true NFL superstar

Eagles, Jalen Hurts

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has played considerably better in the last couple of weeks. The Eagles have shifted to more of a run-heavy offense, which plays more to Hurts’ strengths. However, he must improve in this one critical area if he wants to become a true superstar quarterback.

Jalen Hurts needs to get down and slide. Too often, it seems like Hurts is carrying the ball right at bigger defenders, who simply can’t wait to level the opposing quarterback with a rib-crunching hit.

To be clear here, Hurts needs to keep doing what he’s doing as far as taking off and running. And the Eagles shouldn’t even consider a philosophy change, given how well their offense has produced over the last couple weeks.

However, Hurts likely isn’t going to hold up health-wise if he doesn’t eventually learn to hit the turf and slide after taking off. This isn’t the first time this conversation has come up either.

Hurts had a tendency to run into defenders while at Oklahoma, causing fumbles, as well as potential injuries. Then-Texas safety B.J. Foster sending out a warning that the signal-caller better slide or else. If college defenders were thinking it, then what could NFL defenders possibly be thinking?

They’re licking their chops when they see Hurts running full speed at them. They likely can’t wait to deliver the big hit to the Eagles quarterback. And that’s just not a sustainable way for Hurts to play.

One perfect example of a mobile quarterback sliding is Seattle Seahawks signal-caller Russell Wilson. Wilson doesn’t run as much as Hurts of course, but the former almost always slides and never takes the big hit. Of course, it helps that Wilson used to play baseball. But still, it’s worked for him, as Wilson appeared in 252 straight games, including the playoffs, for Seattle before injuring his finger earlier this year on a passing play.

Eagles’ fans would surely sign up for this version of Hurts for another 250 some-odd games. However, it likely won’t happen unless Hurts improves in this one area. He needs to slide.