Resolute yet ruthless, Kujou Sara arrives at the summoning pedestal in Genshin Impact, where players can wish for her along with the Raiden Shogun. Kojou Sara appears in the first Character Event banner of Genshin Impact 2.1, along with Baal, Sucrose, and Xiangling. As the adopted daughter of the Kujou Clan, which oversees the Tenryou Commission, Sara acts as its general and serves under Baal’s forces. She is an impressively strong warrior, which even Kazuha admires, although she uses such strength to support Baal’s menacing hunt towards those who own a Vision. As a 4-Star Electro Bow user, Kujou Sara is formidable when equipped with her best weapon and artifacts. In this Kujou Sara Build Guide, we’ll discuss all that, and more.

Kujou Sara is a 4-star bow-wielding Electro character, adept at delivering controlled bursts of damage, and has the rare ability to buff an ally’s ATK. Being able to consistently provide a huge ATK buff is something that is highly sought after since it has only been Bennett so far who can do so. She can also control large amounts of Electro damage, which is desirable on teams who heavily rely on certain elemental reactions, like Vape or Melt comps. In this Kujou Sara Genshin Impact Guide, we’ll tell you how to realize the archer general’s potential.

Kujou Sara Guide: Abilities Overview

Tengu Stormcall is Sara’s Elemental Skill. When activated, Sara retreats backward and gains Crowfeather Cover for 18s. After then, she can fire a fully-charged Aimed Shot to leave a Crowfeather at the target’s location. After a short time, the Crowfeather will explode, dealing Electro DMG and granting the nearby active ally an ATK bonus, based on Sara’s Base ATK.

The most important part of this skill is the ATK buff, which makes Sara a desirable support for many teams. To maximize the buff, players only need to increase Sara’s level and weapon, ideally to the maximum. If you check the detailed stats screen, the white number is the character’s total Base ATK, and the green number beside it is the Bonus ATK. All other sorts of flat ATK and ATK% bonuses, including the feather’s main stat, do not contribute towards the Base ATK and, consequently, to the Crowfeather’s ATK boost.

Subjugation: Koukou Sendou is Sara’s, Elemental Burst. Sara casts down Tengu Juurai: Titanbreaker, dealing massive AoE Electro DMG. Afterward, 4 consecutive strikes of Tengu Juurai: Stormcluster spread out, also dealing AoE Electro DMG. The active character will receive the same ATK boost from Tengu Stormcall, which does not stack for both parts of the skill. 

For the most part, Sara’s Burst can be considered as a ‘refresh’ for the ATK boost provided by Tengu Stormcall. The burst has the potential to do massive damage in one hit but is ultimately held back by its long cooldown, high energy cost, and Sara’s low base ATK.

Kujou Sara Best Weapon Build

Skyward Harp – For Kujou Sara, the best weapon has almost everything she needs. It has the highest base ATK of all the bows, provides a good chunk of Crit Rate and Crit DMG, and its passive adds a good amount of extra DPS. The other 5-star bows are also useful since we need as much base ATK as we can get.

Elegy for the End – If you were able to get the Elegy for the End last October, then it’s also a great weapon to use for Kujou Sara. The ATK Buff you get from this weapon, especially when paired with another character’s Freedom-Sworn, leads to a really strong combination. The high Energy Recharge stat also ensures that Kujou Sara has high uptime for her Elemental Burst, making this one of her best weapon choices.

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Kujou Sara Best Artifacts

Noblesse Oblige (4-piece) – If you’re using the Skyward Harp for Kujou Sara, you’d do best by doubling down on her ATK-boosting capabilities with another ATK-boosting artifact set. Apart from providing a 20% bonus ATK to your team, Sara’s Burst also gets a decent 20% bonus to its DMG. Her burst has an expensive cost of 80 Energy though, so if your team doesn’t generate a lot of particles, it’s better to use an ER sands rather than an ATK% one.

Emblem of Severed Fate (4-piece) – A high Energy Recharge stat with increased Elemental Burst for up to 75% increased damage, especially when paired with the best weapon for Kujou Sara, makes the Emblem of Severed Fate set a powerful set of artifacts for her.

Kujou Sara Best Team Composition

Hu Tao Buffbot – Bennett has often been an undesirable partner for Hu Tao, since Bennett’s ATK boosting ability also heals, while Hu Tao prefers to stay below 50% HP. Even without Bennett, Hu Tao is still considered one of the best DPS characters in the game. Now with the help of Sara, Hu Tao can increase her damage to even greater heights than before.

Venti Snapshot – Sara’s ATK boost doesn’t last that long, clocking in at only 6 seconds. This is where the tech “snapshotting” comes in. Certain abilities retain the damage boosts provided during the time of casting, even when the boost has long expired. Venti and Xiangling’s Bursts last longer than Sara’s ATK boosts, but thanks to snapshotting, the bursts will continue to deal damage with boosted ATK for a longer time. This comp can work even better with Bennett’s ATK boosts, in which you can chain bursts one after the other, dealing massive AoE damage throughout the rotation. 

General Buffbot – Truth be told, Bennett’s ATK boost is stronger than Sara’s, while he can also heal and cleanse at the same time. Since only one ATK boost is all you need to not lose overall team DPS, Bennett looks like the more obvious choice.

But when it comes to the Spiral Abyss, players are forced to have two distinct teams for both halves of the run, pitting Bennett into only one of the teams. Because of this, Sara can gladly take Bennett’s spot on the other team, and players now have ATK buffers on both halves of their Abyss runs.

Kujou Sara is a flexible Electro character who can boost ATK, which is great news for her, as what we’ve seen in this guide. ATK-boosting abilities are quite rare, and Sara will surely turn out to be a useful support on a lot of teams. Her burst damage potential is also up there and can shine when invested upon.

We hope that this Kujou Sara Build Genshin Impact Guide helped you. To check out how to build her beloved Electro Archon, check out our Baal Build Guide. Alternatively, you can also check out our Ayato Build Guide for Ayaka’s older brother.