The Golden State Warriors are still one of the two Western Conference favorites, despite a season hampered by injuries. The Phoenix Suns are the only team in the Western Conference that Golden State should be concerned about. There are a few teams who might provide Golden State problems if they don't play their best basketball, but at the moment it seems likely that Golden State will take on Phoenix in the Western Conference Finals.

The Suns' pick-and-roll, unfortunately for Golden State, is their most effective offensive scheme. The Warriors have a below-average inside defense, which is a significant disadvantage. Draymond Green will likely be in charge of shutting down Chris Paul and DeAndre Ayton's pick-and-roll when he returns, but it will be a team effort. Many Warriors fans feel that if James Wiseman can return to the Warriors and play high level, the fans will be practically invincible. Draymond should be back soon, and while it's uncertain when Wiseman will return, if he does so at the projected level, Golden State might win a championship.

Despite having a below-average paint defense, the Warriors are either the best or second-best team in the Western Conference. They've dealt with having players sidelined for the whole season and still have been able to play the style of basketball that everyone expects from the Warriors, which is nothing short of incredible.

They'd like to avoid teams with dominating inside players, but if things go as planned, they'll have to face them sooner or later.

Let's take a look at a few Western Conference playoff teams who might pose a threat to the Warriors.

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Winning an NBA title is never easy. As we have seen with the past 20 champions, every team is going to need something significant to go their way. Whether that is an unfortunate injury to someone, or having guys on the roster step up more than they ever have. There is a reason why winning a championship is so hard, and a reason why we have seen crazy upsets in the past. If a team is going to win a title, they’re going to need everyone on their roster to be playing the best basketball they possibly can, and even sometimes that isn’t enough to get the job done. Matchups are always something that is going to play a major factor, and some teams just know how to get the job done against certain teams when it matters most.

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The Biggest Threats To The Warriors In The Playoffs, Ranked

3. Lakers

Look, if the Golden State Warriors were to play the Los Angeles Lakers right now, they should be confident heading into the series. The Lakers have been abysmal all season, as they're currently only a play-in team.

The fact of the Los Angeles Lakers is that if they do find a way to turn things around, they'll have to face some competitive Western Conference teams in the early stages of the playoffs, and they won't be an easy team to beat. LeBron James has proven time and time again that he can be one of the best players in the world, even at his age. He's done it for his whole career, and there's no reason to think he'll stop now.

It doesn't mean the Los Angeles Lakers will be able to beat the Golden State Warriors, but it won't be as easy as some people make it out to be. They'll be a tough out in the playoffs if they're fully healthy and Russell Westbrook can at least play respectable basketball for them.

2. Clippers(if healthy)

One of the best playoff series in recent memory would feature a healthy Los Angeles Clippers against a healthy Golden State Warriors team. Both of these teams have superstars on their rosters, and not only do they have that, but they also have some incredible role players.

This would be a fiercely contested series, and if both teams can keep their present lineups and stay healthy for the next few years, this might be the Western Conference Finals series for the next few years.

Right now, you have to give the Golden State Warriors the advantage because, even if the Clippers are healthy, they will lack cohesion because their two top players haven't played much this season.

1. Suns

The Phoenix Suns pose the greatest danger to the Golden State Warriors. The reason for this is because the Phoenix Suns have perhaps the strongest pick-and-roll game this league has seen in a long time, and with the Warriors' interior defense being as bad as it is, it will pose huge problems.

Obviously, the Warriors have choices in the buyout market to grab a center who can defend the rim, but it appears like James Wiseman will serve that position when he returns. This isn't a terrible notion for the Warriors since he's still young and they can give him time to improve if he's put into the fire in the playoffs against championship-level teams.