Kansas City Chiefs' superstars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce will square off against Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors on Thursday in The Match. The golfing event is expected to draw plenty of attention, and Kelce talked to Shams Charania of FanDuel TV ahead of The Match.

“Me and my guy Pat Mahomes have never lost in Vegas. I'll tell you what, Pat is going to have to save me on a few shots, but there's going to be some shots that I get close and I come through and hold my own weight. I'm interested to see what the dynamic is,” Travis Kelce told Charania. “I usually get a little competitive, start talking smack and everything like that. I don't know if the Baby-Faced Assassin (Stephen Curry) and Klay Thompson like to yap a little bit. Well, I think Klay gets after it a little bit. But we'll find out.”

All four players are talented golfers. Curry is especially known for his golfing prowess when he isn't leading the Warriors. Mahomes isn't bad either, and it will be interesting to see how Kelce and Thompson fare.

We can expect Travis Kelce, regardless of how well he performs, to bring the energy and smack talk. If anything, he will try to get in the heads of Curry and Thompson.

The Match is scheduled to begin at 6:30 PM EST on Thursday in Las Vegas, as the Warriors and Chiefs stars prepare for what should be an entertaining and exciting event.