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VIDEO: Anthony Edwards completes epic pick-6 on LeBron James

Anthony Edwards, LeBron James, Timberwolves, Lakers

More often than not, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James sees a play develop before everyone else. But Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Anthony Edwards seems to have been studying LeBron’s tendencies. And he got rewarded for a steal and a bucket on Tuesday.

It’s quite rare for LeBron to throw an errant pass. Usually, he gives it right where his teammate needs it in relation to what the defense is giving him.

But in the second quarter against the Timberwolves, The King was a bit off in his reading of the situation. He didn’t realize how quickly Edwards would react and snatch the pass before taking it all the way to the rack.

The steal was impressive. But what made things more spectacular was how calm Edwards was in completing the play with a left-handed finish. LeBron tried to take the charge, but the first overall pick of last year’s NBA Draft sneakily sidestepped to the right for a nifty lay-up.

Anthony Edwards has accumulated a bunch of highlights in his impressive first NBA stint. The great takeaway from a LeBron James pass isn’t as flashy as his dunks. But it’s still a steal from one of the greatest passers in the game. This one easily takes the cake.