Timberwolves news: Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins ready to step
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Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins ready to step up for Timberwolves

andrew wiggins, karl-anthony towns

After Jimmy Butler’s tirade that put into question the competitive fire of young Minnesota Timberwolves stars Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, the spotlight is now firmly on these two players.

Towns and Wiggins, who both signed max contract extensions to remain in Minnesota, are slotted in as the organization’s cornerstones for many years to come. The team’s success – whether it’s a good or a bad thing – will fall squarely on the shoulders of these two up-and-coming individuals.

Their talent and skills are both unquestioned; but leadership, competitiveness, and a solid work ethic, according to several reports, are qualities the duo has still failed to exhibit. Thankfully for them, though, these are traits that can still be learned, especially since neither player has reached their prime yet.

According to Chris Hine of the Star Tribune, both Towns and Wiggs, as they are fondly known, have taken this criticism to heart and vowed to step up during the 2018-19 campaign.

Andrew Wiggins, for his part, needs to improve on his 64.3 percent free-throw shooting and 4.4 rebounds per game from last season, while Karl-Anthony Towns has to become a more vocal leader. With Jimmy Butler’s departure all but finalized, the responsibility of setting a good example and calling out teammates will now be asked of them.

If there’s any good that this drama has brought, it’s that everything is now suddenly out in the open; the ball is now on their court. How they will respond to this incident will speak volumes about themselves, not only as basketball players but also as persons. With so much riding on the Timberwolves’ Towns and Wiggins, its now time for them to show their true colors or prove their doubters wrong, and the only way to do that is through their actions.