Even though they’ve had a ton of success this season, the Tennessee Titans have also had their fair share of shortcomings – especially over the past few weeks. With tough losses to the Texans and Patriots, the Titans seem to have lost their edge. Losing Derrick Henry for a big portion of the season has played a crucial part in their recent skid, but they still possess far too much talent out of him to be playing this poorly.

Playing against the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend, the Titans will need to bring their all and showcase their skills and grit as this will be a must-win scenario for them. With the Colts starting to gain momentum, it is imperative for the Titans to not slip up and lose their position in the AFC South standings. With all this in the fold for Tennessee, we’ll now discuss the three reasons they need to beat the Jags on Sunday.

Titans Week 14

Tennessee’s play has been streaky this season 

After pulling out back-to-back wins against the Rams and Saints in Henry’s absence, the Titans still looked like an AFC powerhouse that had a ton of depth and tenacity even without their Pro Bowl running back setting several rushing records. Over the past few weeks though, they’ve come flat out against their competition and haven’t had the same explosion.

Sunday’s match-up with the Jaguars is a very winnable game for the Titans and they shouldn’t have any trouble dismantling this down-and-out lottery team. So if they want to develop some consistency and lose their streakiness, then they’ll need all-out stellar performances from Ryan Tannehill, Julio Jones, A.J. Brown, Bud Dupree, and Kevin Byard on Sunday if they hope to achieve this.

The Titans want to gain homefield advantage in the playoffs 

As they currently hold the third seed in the AFC standings, every game has now become a must-win for the Tennessee Titans – especially with the playoffs fast approaching. Whether they earn a first-round bye or wind up playing in the wild card round, earning home field advantage in the playoffs is of utter importance to the Titans this season.

Plus if King Henry is able to return to their line-up ahead of the NFL postseason then this will be an added bonus for them. So coming away with a dominant victory against Jacksonville on Sunday is an absolute must for a Titans team that has their sights set on a Super Bowl run this year.


Nathanial Duffett ·

Nathanial Duffett ·

A win on Sunday will improve their chances of winning the AFC South

In their quest to remain in the elite of the AFC, a strong showing against the Jaguars in Week 14 will do them a ton of justice as they aim to win another AFC South title this year. This would also solidify their playoff positioning and give them a ton of momentum heading into the playoffs.

As they fight to capture another division title and remain a top-4 team in the AFC, a big win against their long-time rivals will undoubtedly be a great start to accomplishing this. Even though they’ve had to overcome some adversity this season, the Titans have previously shown they still have plenty of fight in them and possess the talent and experience to pull through and come away with more quality wins this season.