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Titans news: Derrick Henry shows up Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs with unexpected TD pass

Titans, Derrick Henry, Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs

The Tennessee Titans superstar running back Derrick Henry showed off his passing skills on the opening drive against the Kansas City Chiefs. Not only can he run the ball, but apparently King Henry can throw it just as well as Patrick Mahomes.

Tennessee lined up in Wildcat formation with the ball snapping directly to Henry. After faking the run, Derrick Henry floated the ball towards the back of the endzone to MyCole Pruitt. ESPN provides the highlight on their Twitter page.

It’s insane what the Titans are able to get away with on the offensive end. Derrick Henry is one of the, if not, the best player in the National Football League. The run movement on this play forces the Chiefs to bite on the fake, leaving numerous pass options wide open. Instead, Henry shows off his throwing abilities by throwing MyCole Pruitt open in the endzone.

We’ve officially reached the point of asking the question, what can’t Derrick Henry do? Not only is King Henry playing at a Hall of Fame level, but he’s putting pressure on Patrick Mahomes now too. The MVP race has typically been a quarterback award recently, but if Henry continues this stellar play, the quarterback streak may come to an end finally.

Derrick Henry and the Titans are bound to light up the scoreboard in this Titans-Chiefs matchup. Kansas City has one of the worst defenses in the league while Tennessee is currently playing like an elite offense. We’ll see how it plays out, but it’s hard to imagine Kansas City’s defense slowing them down.

With a touchdown pass under his belt, Derrick Henry is on pace for a historic career. Keep an eye on the Titans and Henry, as there is no reason to believe they’ll slow down at all this season. Can Henry throw for another score?