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3 more Titans test positive for COVID-19, hitting breach level

Titans, 2021 NFL Draft

Just nearly 24 hours since the Tennessee Titans announced two more COVID-19 positive tests, another three members of the organization have been infected with the virus, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

The three positive tests reportedly consisted of two staff members and a player.

As of Saturday’s count, 16 people from the Titans have now tested positive for COVID-19. This includes wide receivers Adam Humphries and Cameron Batson. The Week 4 game between the Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers has already been rescheduled. Now, with more infections persisting, it seems likely that more postponements come into play.

The NFL has gone smoothly so far, until Tuesday night, when the Titans first announced positive tests within the team. The outbreak within the organization is real and it is certainly possible that other teams could get infected as well. This will definitely put the entire league in jeopardy.

Mike Florio of NBC Sports suggests that the NFL should incorporate a bubble like atmosphere if it wants the season to continue:

The fix is simple: Put all teams in hotels. Do it now. Seal off all players, coaches, and essential personnel from the outside world. Hotel, practice facility, stadium, airport. That’s the universe of movement for the next three months, up to four for the teams that make it to the Super Bowl.

Other leagues such as the NBA and NFL have successfully made the bubble model work. The NBA season is nearing completion with the Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat set to end within the next week or two.

As Florio suggested, there’s really no other way to go about the season than to put the league in an environment that separates them from the world. COVID-19 is very much out there and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down soon.