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Video: Titans’ Derrick Henry scores TD No. 3 to cap off monstrous 1st-half performance vs. Colts

Derrick Henry, Titans

Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry bulldozed his way into the end zone late in the second quarter against the Colts. His third rushing touchdown of the game, the score also capped what had been a monstrous first-half performance for the back — and his fantasy football owners as well.

In pacing the visiting Titans to a 14-point lead, Henry has reversed what had been a run of subpar performances against Indianapolis. Averaging just over 80-rushing yards per game against the division rival over the course of his career, the Colts had historically found success in keeping the halfback from finding the end zone in their matches.

That plan hasn’t quite worked out as well Sunday, however.

Entering the game with only three career touchdowns against Indy in nine games, Henry doubled his total in only two quarters. In tallying the three scores, Henry not only reached 50 career rushing touchdowns, but surpassed 5,000 rushing yards.

The back’s outburst Sunday afternoon, couldn’t have come at a better time for the Titans. Following their loss to weeks ago to the Colts, Tennessee is in desperate need of a victory against the Colts as the two vie for first place in the AFC South. With the two tied in overall records at 7-3 respectively, a victory by the Titans would ensure that Indianapolis does not hold a tiebreaker.

As of the third quarter, the Titans have expanded their lead to 35-14.