Sunday night's matchup between Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens produced some fireworks — both during and surprisingly, before the game. Ravens coach John Harbaugh was involved in a pre-game fracas with a few Titans players, which was actually pretty heated. For his part, Titans wide receiver AJ Brown was a first-hand witness to the pre-game pleasantries, and the 23-year-old shared his thoughts on the issue at hand.

According to AJ Brown, the altercation before the starting whistle actually had a significant impact on the Titans-Ravens game itself:

“They set the tone of the game from being out there from doing just that,” Brown told PFT by phone, via Mike Florio of NBC Sports. “They told us what type of game it was going to be. It was gonna be a physical game. People don’t think that that matters, but it definitely does.

AJ Brown then went on to express how he was pretty much shocked as he watched the incident unfold before his eyes:

“The coach just came over there and I was like, ‘Did he really?’” Brown said. “I was just in the way. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was trying to keep the peace, you know, because they’re coaches, not like they’re players. I was just trying to keep everybody calm and separate everybody and get ready to play. Things were heated.

“Some words were said, and they said some words back. They kind of rushed the field like they were players. They definitely set the tone of the game. That’s when we what type of game it was gonna be, from right then.”

True enough, the Titans came out as a fiery bunch in this one, and they eventually emerged with a 30-24 victory over Baltimore. As it turns out, Harbaugh's decision to confront a few opposing players actually served as motivation for them to go out and beat his Ravens.

AJ Brown finished the game with 62 receiving yards and a touchdown on four catches and seven targets for the Titans who scored a 30-24 win.