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Tito Ortiz claims he’s officially done with Political career

In news that’s sure to leave the Political world in shambles, Tito Ortiz has decided to leave Politics. The former Huntington Beach Mayor announced the news to MMAJunkie.

Ortiz is back in the combat sports world. He is currently scheduled to take on Anderson Silva in a boxing match on September 11 at Triller Fight Club Legends II, set to have Vitor Belfort vs Evander Holyfield in the main event.

He joins the long list of non-boxers making the jump over to the squared circle. His bout is set for 195 pounds, a weight Ortiz hasn’t made in decades.

When asked about where he stood in his Political career, Ortiz made it clear he was done. The former Mayer was elected back in December and eventually stepped down in June of this year.

“One-hundred percent my political is over,” Ortiz told MMA Junkie. “I’m too honest. I’m too much of an honest man and I have to look in the mirror at night and tell my kids the things I believe in and I can’t tell them one thing and do another.

“I’m not here to scratch somebody’s back just so they can scratch mine. I’m here to do the right thing and live in America with freedom and pride and integrity that we have in this country.”

Tito Ortiz was a controversial figure during his run. Often seeming unprepared and refusing to wear a mask.

Now Ortiz is fully focused on MMA and glad to be done with that chapter of his life.

“I plan on going back to MMA,” said. “My contract with Combate Global is done after this fight. I’m a free agent. I feel young, I feel reinvigorated. I feel like a new man. I feel totally different just because all the things that I’ve gone through in my life have been so toxic.

“Now that I’ve been happy for the last eight years, just look at my record. I think I’ve only lost one fight in the last eight years and I’ve really focused on getting my mind and body right and continue to fight. I want to take advantage of the next year or two years.”