The 2022 NFL Playoffs are officially among us as 14 teams compete for the highly coveted Super Bowl trophy. However, the remainder of the league is preparing for the offseason. With some of them needing a new head coach to lead their franchise, we take a look at the top five head coaching candidates participating in the playoffs.

There are multiple franchises officially searching for a new head coach. It'll be interesting to see who is hired where, as these teams are already conducting interviews. We'll know who will be an NFL head coach soon, as these hires typically happen throughout the postseason.

Since these candidates are participating in the playoffs, they won't be able to take a new job until their respective team is eliminated. Even so, there are elite names available and each of them will be a new leader for an NFL organization soon enough.

With that said, here are our top five head coaching candidates available in the 2022 NFL playoffs.

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Top 5 NFL Head-Coaching Candidates

5. Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore's name has become more popular as the days go by. He's been a phenomenal offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys and is in line to become the next young head coach hired in the NFL. Moore does lack some experience, but he seems ready for the next step regardless. Look for him to be hired almost immediately once he's available.

4. Byron Leftwich

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator is in a similar boat as Kellen Moore. Byron Leftwich is a quarterback turned coach and aims to become a leader for a franchise soon. He has plenty of championship experience and has been excelling under Bruce Arians for the last two years. Look for Leftwich to potentially take a job after the 2022 NFL playoffs.

3. Raheem Morris

Raheem Morris isn't a name that's been popping up often as a head coaching candidate, but the Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator is ready for the next step. He's helped lead LA to have one of the league's best defenses and has plenty of experience under his belt. Although Morris isn't getting as much attention, he more than deserves to be an NFL head coach.

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2. Nathaniel Hackett

It's no question that the Green Bay Packers have one of the most efficiently run offenses in the league. Nathaniel Hackett has done a great job in coaching up this offense as they're set to make a Super Bowl run. Many credit Aaron Rodgers for Green Bay's success, but Hackett more than deserves his fair share of credit as well. Any NFL franchise that hires him should feel confident in their future.

1. Brian Daboll

Brian Daboll might just be the top head coaching candidate available in the 2022 NFL playoffs. The Buffalo Bills offense has been playing at an elite level since Daboll took over as the offensive coordinator. His name has been mentioned as a likely candidate for nearly every team searching for a new head coach. After seeing how he's led the Bills offense, it's time Daboll leads a franchise of his own.