Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was seen leaving yesterday's game with Taylor Swift. What caught the eyes of fans was his outfit, which seemed to be inspired by the upcoming 1989 (Taylor's Version) album cover. However, the company who produces the product, made a shocking admission about the piece.

If you find the white-and-blue jacket that Kelce donned postgame, the product name reads: “1989 Bedroom Painting Denim Jacket [Cream].” KidSuper, the company who makes it, sneakily added the Swift album name to its product after Kelce was seen in it.

The clothing company itself revealed this. In an X (formerly Twitter) post, they shared photos of the two jacket listings.

“Look at the name change haha,” the caption read. The first was prior to Kelce being seen wearing it with Swift. It's simply called “Bedroom Painting Denim Jacket [Cream].” The updated listing has the above name. It's a clever and a sneaky move.

Yesterday was a huge day for Swifties  and Kelce fans. The singer was seen at the game — sitting in a box suite with Kelce's mother. Kelce scored a touchdown from Patrick Mahomes in front of his supposed girlfriend in attendance. They have been seen hanging out for weeks and it appears the rumors are heating up.

Travis Kelce is the Kansas City Chiefs' star tight end. He's currently in his eleventh season in the NFL and coming off of his second Super Bowl win.

Taylor Swift is in the midst of a short break on her “Eras” tour. After playing all across the United States and Mexico, she is on break until November 9 at which point she will play nine dates across Argentina and Brazil. In 2024, she will bring her tour to Japan, Australia, all across Europe, and back to the United States.