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UCF announced funding initiative to keep Scott Frost

With Nebraska firing its athletic director, the fallout will be felt nationwide. Heck, even UCF can feel it, as the university is likely worried Scott Frost might be in the hearts and minds of those who are tasked with “saving” Nebraska football.

UCF has announced a funding initiative. It is, honestly, just a roundabout and fancy way of trying to keep up with power programs across the country. It is also to, at least likely, get Scott Frost a raise.

For those unaware, Frost played quarterback for the Cornhuskers when Nebraska was still, you know, good.

Called the UCF Football Excellence Fund, the program is “pursuing gift commitments ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 annually to further enhance the program’s operating resources.” Frost himself has already committed his own money to the fund.

“I’m very excited about the success we’ve had in our time here and I’m committed to helping this program continue growing,” Frost said in a statement. “I’m happy to be part of the UCF Football Excellence Fund. We need more resources to keep taking this program where we want it to go. I’m hopeful my support will be a catalyst for others to jump on board and take part.”

What is odd about all of this, even if the funding process isn’t a direct result of Nebraska making moves, is that none of it actually matters. UCF can try all it wants, but in no way will it ever be able to compete with the big boys. If a power program wants Frost, it will get him.

No shame in the hustle, though.