The NCAA had put itself in a tough spot with the approval of the NIL legislation. They allow questions of retroactive punishments to players who have been stripped away of opportunities they earned from college sports. Reggie Bush and USC football have been at the center stage of all of this. Notably, the former NFL player had his 2005 Heisman trophy taken away from him. This was after receiving financial help from the Trojans during his stint there.

Since then, Reggie Bush had to serve a decade-long NCAA disassociation from the USC football program. One of its effects on his legacy has been that his jersey number was removed from the rafters. But, the Trojans seem to have something planned as Bush's disassociation sentence ended in 2020. A lot of people from the Trojans faithful noticed that the numbers that were hung had been rearranged. It gave way to two openings that may be filled soon.

Caleb Williams and Reggie Bush are the only two players who have won the Heisman trophy but are not up there. Williams is not up there because he is a current player for the USC football squad. But, it will get up there soon. But before that, the hiring of Jen Cohen and the support of Mike Bohn are going to make a significant push for Bush's name to get back up there.

Cohen had unveiled that the plans to hold a ceremony for the former NFL player “will come sooner than expected under her leadership”, per Andrew Graham of On 3 Sports. Bush has taken huge steps to reclaim his name and the help of the Trojans would be a huge boost.