Speculation grows regarding Dalvin Cook's future with the Minnesota Vikings, with rumors linking him to the Miami Dolphins.

In 17 games with the Vikings last season, Cook rushed 1173 yards on 264 attempts and made eight touchdowns. He played a big role in leading them to a 13-4 record, putting them first in the NFC North division.

The main question revolves around whether the Vikings can find a trade partner willing to take on Cook's $10.4 million salary or if they will release him, potentially allowing the Dolphins to sign him.

If Dalvin Cook gets cut, a move to the Dolphins is a “real possibility,” according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. While a trade remains an option if Cook agrees to a reduced deal, it's unlikely he would agree at this stage. Instead, Cook may hold firm and force the Vikings to release him.

The timing of the release is uncertain as Dalvin Cook is currently absent from offseason workouts due to shoulder surgery. If he reports for training camp, the Vikings risk Cook getting injured, complicating his release and obligating them to pay his full salary.

Currently, $2 million of Dalvin Cook's salary is guaranteed, with the rest becoming fully guaranteed in Week One. The Vikings have the option to restructure Cook's deal, but they seem determined to shed the financial burden. Alternatively, the Vikings could consider a simple restructuring that keeps Cook for another year while reducing his cap hit, as they hold the rights to such restructuring. However, they may be willing to move on from Cook, sacrificing his playmaking ability in favor of a more cost-effective approach.

While the Vikings are among the second-tier NFC contenders, a football season is unpredictable. If other teams regress, the Vikings could make a deep playoff run, especially with an improved defense compared to last season. The possibility of a healthy Dalvin Cook leading the Vikings to the Super Bowl cannot be dismissed entirely.

However, the uncertainty surrounding his future raises questions about the Vikings' decision-making and their aspirations for the upcoming season.