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WarioWare Get It Together Review Scores: How is the new Warioware?

Warioware Get It Together Review Scores

WarioWare Get It Together has been out for a few days now, which means millions of microgames have already finished at this point. WarioWare Get It Together review scores are also in, and we look at them to find out if the microgames are worth the wait. WarioWare skipped the Nintendo 3DS, after all. So, this entry should make up for lost time. Here are the WarioWare Get It Together review scores aggregated from different sources, collected from Metacritic.

WarioWare Get It Together Review Scores: 75 MetaScore

WarioWare Get It Together! Review Scores currently sit at a middling 75 MetaScore from 45 critic reviews. It stands at 8.5 User Score, though, which goes to show how much fans enjoyed the game. In fact, WarioWare Get It Together! launched as a best-seller in the UK, beating Tales of Arise and NBA 2K22, according to a report by Gameindustry.biz, citing GfK data. That’s not so bad for a game that’s entirely composed of microgames, but what do the critics actually say?

Nintendo Life gives WarioWare Get It Together 9.6/10

Nintendo Life gave WarioWare Get It Together one of the highest scores for the game out there. For them, this game is an essential part of any Nintendo Switch owner’s collection.

“With a generous roster of playable characters, lots of solo and multiplayer modes to dig into, and stages that cleverly adapt to your choices on the fly, this is a superb compilation of hilarious microgames that delivers more ways to play than ever before. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll dodge bird droppings on a skateboard.”

You can read the full review here.

Dexerto gives WarioWare Get It Together 8/10

WarioWare Get It Together‘s review score from Dexerto is 8/10, which the publication says is the best game to ever come out of the series thus far.

“WarioWare: Get It Together is absolutely full of content that ranges from the ridiculous to the sublime and marks the franchise’s strongest entry yet. Additional playable characters increase the chaos, while a huge number of microgames and modes are a great way to spend the upcoming Autumn nights with friends. While we’d have liked more in the way of online functionality, Wario is definitely back – and better than ever.”

You can read the full review here.

Gamespot gives WarioWare Get It Together 8/10

Gamespot believes that WarioWare Get It Together‘s lessened reliance on console gimmicks to be a good thing, rather than a negative. Indeed, WarioWare Get It Together is much more traditional compared to other entries in the series.

“The WarioWare series has been fertile ground for Nintendo to experiment with concepts like touchscreen capabilities in Touched or accelerometer-based motion in Twisted, which makes Get It Together’s platforming riffs a little more traditional than usual. But that also makes it less reliant on a gimmick, and that’s a change for the better.”

You can read the full review here.

Siliconera gives WarioWare Get It Together 7/10

Siliconera believes that the game will do best if you come in with the proper mindset. They note that both this and the recent Mario Golf: Super Rush release felt half-baked, and that Nintendo may be starting to stumble when it comes to outdelivering expectations.

WarioWare: Get It Together! is a fine enough game, if you come in with the proper expectations. It’s full of whimsy. The character gimmick is fun. It shines when you play with a local pal. But its limitations mark a trend for Nintendo.”

You can read the full review here.

VGC gives WarioWare Get It Together Review Score of 3/5 stars

Finally, VGC gives WarioWare Get It Together a middling review score. The lack of gimmicks hurt the game, although the series’ personality and humor is still here. The game’s multiplayer is also a nice surprise, but not enough to save the entire experience.

“The Switch game’s attraction is the same as it’s always been for the WarioWare series – personality, replayability and humour – with the added bonus of a strong multiplayer suite. Its latest gimmick isn’t as strong as in previous entries, but it’s not enough to spoil the throwaway fun.”

You can read the full review here.

WarioWare Get It Together review scores summary

The difference between the user review scores and the critic scores shows how much fun WarioWare Get It Together can be if you come in knowing full well what kind of experience you are getting. But without the proper context, the game might feel like an odd title. Also without the proper context, people will have differing mileage. The reviews have been unanimous when it comes to the game’s multiplayer aspect, though. So if you’re picking up this game, make sure that you play it with a buddy.