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Video: 10-year old Stephen Curry fans’ dreams get destroyed in unfortunate Curry sighting

Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors were in Barclays Center on Nov. 19 to play the Brooklyn Nets in a game in which the defending champions dashed the home team’s dream of scoring an upset with a 118-111 victory. It seemed, however, that the dream-crushing didn’t end on the court for Stephen Curry and the Warriors.

In a viral Facebook post, Monique Jenkins, mother of a 10-year-old Curry fan, lamented the indifference the two-time NBA MVP showed towards her son.

stephen curry

Monique Jenkins/Facebook

According to Monique, his kid was waiting patiently for Curry after the game, hoping that the sharpshooter would sign his Curry jersey and pose for a picture with him. But as shown in the accompanying video with the post, Curry was seen looking elsewhere despite the kid’s best effort to get his attention.

If it’s any consolation, the youngster managed to get other Warriors such as JaVale McGee, Klay Thompson, and Shaun Livingston to autograph his jersey and take photos with him.

Stephen Curry has never been known as the snobbish type but in this case maybe, he’s just too tired to entertain the requests of his fans. Still, it’s something that will be remembered by the fan for a very long time.