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Advice Draymond Green received about technical fouls from Richard Jefferson

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green is a well-known hot head, and Richard Jefferson once gave him some interesting advice on what to do about this reputation. Most people would expect the wily veteran to advise Green to calm down and avoid letting his emotions get the best of him. But Jefferson actually said the exact opposite.

Draymond has racked up 74 technical fouls during his career, which have resulted in a lot of fines for the outspoken big man. Green spoke with Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report about his penchant for racking up technicals:

“The league was almost trying to tame me some. I’m going to keep putting myself in a position where I can take those fines, take it on the chin and keep it moving. That’s been my approach. I know RJ used to always tell me: ‘Draymond, who cares if you get a tech? Who cares if you get into it and get fined? That is going to make you a living.’ I still remember that.”

This is great advice from RJ. Draymond Green is so effective because he plays with emotion and knows how to get under the skin of his opponents. If this means taking a few technical fouls here and there, it’s something he’ll have to live with.

The Warriors need Draymond’s grit and combativeness on the court. He’s at his best when he’s flying up and down the court, talking trash to his opponents, giving hard fouls, and believe it or not, arguing with the referees. The worst thing that could happen to Green would be for him to lose some of his competitive fire.