Bob Myers has officially stepped down as the president and general manager of the Golden State Warriors, providing a massive shock that could result in even more changes for Golden State's long-running dynasty. Rumors had popped up suggesting Myers was considering stepping away, and sure enough, those rumors ended up coming to life on Tuesday morning.

Myers had been with the Warriors since 2011, so his departure will leave a gaping hole in Golden State's front office that needs to be filled. As for Myers himself, it doesn't seem as if he has any immediate plans for his future, but if he does decide to return to the sports world, it sounds like he will likely be one of the most sought-after executives in the world.

“Myers, 48, said he's unsure of his future professional pathway, but should he someday decide to return to the team side, he's expected to become the one of the most pursued executives in modern North American professional sports history.” – Adrian Wojnarowski, ESPN

It's unsurprising to see that Myers would generate such a high level of interest if he did decide to return to the front office. After all, he played a huge role in constructing the dynasty that the Warriors have become, so many teams would be hoping that he could recreate his success with Golden State in his next endeavor.

Either way, Myers' legacy with the Warriors had been set in stone for quite some time, and their disappointing championship defense this season certainly doesn't take away from that. Now Golden State will have to try to find a replacement to fill his big shoes, which will obviously be easier said than done.