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Bob Myers proud of Warriors’ resolve after challenging year

Bob Myers, Warriors

Despite the Golden State Warriors ending their season in horrendous fashion, team general manager Bob Myers has stood up for his team, stating that he considers it an honor to have been with the Warriors throughout this entire experience.

According to the 44-year-old team executive, the way his team responded to the tremendous challenges that they have had to face this season has simply been awe-inspiring. Regardless of the fact that the Warriors may have fallen a bit short of their ultimate goal of winning their third straight title, Myers remains to be extremely proud of his team for their unwavering effort.

Myers absolutely speaks true here, as this was, without question, the most difficult season the Warriors has ever had over the past five years. The last two games of the Finals were absolutely gutting for Golden State, as the injuries suffered by Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson not only diminished their chances of mounting a comeback against the Toronto Raptors, but also put a huge question mark on the immediate future of the franchise.

Nevertheless, the Warriors showed their resolve and battled it out until the very end — literally. They may have been extremely shorthanded, but they were never lacking in spirit. This type of fortitude is not formed overnight, and is something that is brought about by years of unrivaled success. For Myers, this is something that is equally important as achieving the elusive three-peat.