Warriors news: DeMarcus Cousins says Draymond Green's pitch was the worst
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DeMarcus Cousins says Draymond Green’s pitch was the worst

draymond green, demarcus cousins

It didn’t take long after DeMarcus Cousins agreed to terms with the Golden State Warriors for forward Draymond Green to surface, telling reporters it was due to their relationship (spanning back from two summers ago in Team USA) that the big man joined on a one-year, $5.3 million deal.

Yet Boogie remembers things very differently, telling ESPN’s Chris Haynes how it all went down.

“Draymond probably had the worst pitch,” said Cousins chuckling. “He was like, ‘Cous, I’m pretty sure me and you are going to fight.’ I’m like, ‘Draymond, Come on. Whoa. Whoa.’ But Draymond, that’s my guy.”

Green has a rather unorthodox approach, but his sincerity is perhaps the very honey that keeps the bees coming, one way or another.

The two firecrackers are likely to have a video-worthy moment, whether it is in practice, in the locker room, or during game action.

Both fiery and competitive, it’s only a matter of time before Green and Cousins butt heads — but their competitive fuel could spark this team to greater heights if channeled properly.

Cousins doubled down on his respect for Green, despite the latter’s poor opening during his initial pitch.

“I respect him as a player, I respect him as a competitor. He’s one of the top in this business and just his approach to every game, I want that guy on my team every day,” said Cousins. “So, we talked, we kind of communicated about what we both wanted, which was winning games.

“He openly said he knows I wouldn’t get as many touches and I don’t give a… I don’t care. And the same thing for me. It’s about winning the games. I think me and Draymond will mesh well. I think we have a lot of similarities and the same way that he’s appreciative, hopefully I can receive the same thing.”

Cousins will have to wait until December or January for a potential return, as an Achilles injury can take from 10-12 months to fully heal from.