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Warriors’ Draymond Green gives LeBron James the green light to visit White House after Joe Biden’s win

Draymond Green, LeBron James, Joe BIden, Warriors

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green celebrated former Vice President Joe Biden’s recent win in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election by reminding LeBron James and the rest of his Los Angeles Lakers squad that they can finally go and celebrate their 2020 NBA title in the White House.

The four-time MVP responded to the tweet and gave indications that his Lakers squad will indeed make a visit to the White House with a newly elected president at the helm:


It has already become an annual tradition for championship squads from the major professional leagues to celebrate their title with the incumbent president in the White House. The majority of the teams that won a title eventually decided to skip the proceedings during soon-to-be former U.S. President Donald Trump’s tenure since Jan. 2017—but that can change win President-Elect Joe Biden.

In the first two years of Trump’s administration, 20 major sports teams have won championships but only 10 decided to celebrate at the White House. The president did not invite many of the teams, and some of those made it clear that they would not have attended even if he had.

The 2016-17 Warriors championship squad, led by head coach Steve Kerr, decided early on that they would not accept an invitation to the White House. The team’s lead guard in Stephen Curry later said that he “wouldn’t go,” but eventually said he wanted to talk to his teammates before making a final decision.

After Curry’s comments, Trump tweeted, “invitation is withdrawn!”. LeBron James then famously called the president a “bum” for withdrawing an invite after Curry already said he wasn’t going.

Another Warriors championship squad in the ensuing 2017-18 season also skipped a visit to the White House and opted to meet with former President Barack Obama in Washington D.C. instead.

Trump also considered inviting the 2018-19 NBA champion Toronto Raptors to celebrate but veteran guard Danny Green responded to the possibility by saying “it’s a hard no.”

Hopefully, LeBron James and the rest of the Lakers can return to the White House with Joe Biden now holding office and ultimately revive the longstanding sports tradition for the years to come.