Stephen Curry is set to break every single NBA three-point record. Ever since his breakout 2015 season with the Golden State Warriors, Chef Curry has been unstoppable from deep. His ability to make three-point shots from all angles and his lightning-quick release has led many to crown him the greatest shooter of all-time.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances in the future, Stephen Curry will have a comfortable lead on the three-point leaderboards. But according to Warriors teammate Draymond Green, it's only a matter of time before someone else breaks Curry's record. (via The Volume)

“Steph Curry's 3-point record will 100% be broken. And from the time he's done playing, it'll probably only take someone 5-6 more years to break that record.”

While that may sound like a diss to his Warriors teammate, Draymond Green is actually giving credit to Stephen Curry in a way. The reasoning behind Green's claim is that players like Trae Young are entering the league looking to emulate the Chef himself. What makes Curry's records so special is that he seemingly broke all those records in a span of five years. His three-point shooting only spiked in volume in 2015: before that, he was your average sharpshooter from deep.

Today, though, Curry and the Warriors have revolutionized the game. In Steph's rookie year, players would be discouraged from shooting more than five threes per game. Now, that's almost the norm. You have guys like Young and Luka Doncic who have the green light to let it fly from deep this early into their career. In a strange way, Curry's brilliance is also what will cause his records to be broken quickly.

Not that Curry will make it easy for the would-be record breakers, though. Already, the Warriors superstar is just 16 makes behind Ray Allen for most made threes in the regular season. It's safe to say Stephen Curry will build a sizable lead on the three-point record before he retires.