The whole basketball world is locked in on the NBA Finals series between the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat. This includes Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green, who as always, had a pretty interesting takeaway from Wednesday's Game 3 battle. Green even decided to drag Dubs teammate Stephen Curry into the conversation as he pointed out one specific aspect that he didn't like about the contest.

According to Draymond, the fact that some players decide to hold on to the ball at the end of periods — like what happened in Game 3 — is something that surely won't sit on the GOAT shooter's good side:

“Guys holding on to the ball at the end of a quarter so they don't lessen their shooting percentage. And I saw a couple of guys do that [on Wednesday],” Green said. “This is the NBA Playoffs, man. It's the NBA Finals. Who cares if your shooting percentage drop a little bit? That very thing drives Steph Curry nuts. Steph gonna be very upset if you just holding the ball and not shoot.”

Green then pointed out how a made shot at the end of a quarter could swing the momentum of a game significantly, especially entering the fourth quarter. He didn't name any names — although he did bring in Steph Curry into the conversation — but it is clear that the Warriors veteran also doesn't appreciate players trying to pad their stats, especially when it's at the grandest stage of them all.