The Golden State Warriors have a vital opportunity to expand their championship window, and as ESPN commentator Jeff Van Gundy sees it, it involves trading their lottery pick.

Van Gundy, who admittedly doesn't watch much college basketball, noted the Warriors would be better off using their high pick (a three-way tie 14% chance to be the first overall pick) to land a player that can help the team win right away.

Via Logan Newman of WarriorsWire:

“(Steph) Curry’s not young,” Van Gundy said on a Tolbert, Krueger & Brooks Podcast appearance.

“If you could get the right trade for a great player to supplement what you have and boost your chances of winning it all now, I think that’s going to be a very viable option for them.”

The Warriors have been rumored to favor Georgia shooting guard Anthony Edwards if they were to hold the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, though some have made the argument for Memphis freshman center James Wiseman and overseas prodigy LaMelo Ball.

Besides those three, the level of play waters down a lot in this draft, which doesn't have the same star power as other drafts in past years.

Van Gundy admitted he doesn't have a player in mind, but knows president of basketball operations Bob Myers will make the best decision.

“Who that is, I don’t know, but I think Bob Myers, he’ll take a good look at everything,” Van Gundy said. “Ultimately, I think there’s going to be a lot of opportunities out there for the Warriors.”

If the Warriors keep the pick, Van Gundy is sure it's because they have a plan in mind:

“I have a feeling that … they’re going to come out with a terrific either player in the draft or a package of players for that draft pick,” Van Gundy said.

“And I think man, they’re going to be hard to deal with next year.”

Before there is an NBA Draft or even an NBA Draft Lottery, the 2019-20 season must first come to an end, either by resuming the season or canceling it outright.

The Warriors have a league-worst 15-50 record in this campaign.