Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry put on a show as they teamed up in an exhibition three-point contest during the Golden State Warriors’ Japan tour. Thompson and Curry took the win over teammate Jordan Poole, and for his part, Klay could not help but throw a bit of shade at Poole after the matchup.

Thompson said that he enjoyed the experience of being on the same as Curry — for once — but that he also took a bit of pleasure in beating Poole (h/t Joey Linn of FanNation):

“I love shooting the basketball,” Klay said. “Especially on the same team as Steph, I mean I’ve gone against him twice in the three-point shootout, so it was nice to have a combination of the great shooting. It was nice to humble Jordan Poole.”

It was Curry who went up first and the greatest shooter of all time caught fire — to the delight of the crowd. Thompson admitted that he was feeling a bit of pressure once it was his turn to take his shots, but in the end, Klay just did Klay Thompson things from beyond the arc.

It wasn’t just Poole who Klay was shading after he once again proved his 3-point shooting prowess. Thompson also threw some shade on the guys over at NBA 2K for giving him such a low 3-point rating in this year’s iteration of the game. The Warriors star that he had a “big chip on his shoulder” for being “disrespected in the virtual world.”

Never change, Klay.