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James Wiseman signs sneaker deal with Anta

Warriors, James Wiseman, Anta

The Golden State Warriors haven’t quite been the same since Klay Thompson’s injuries. So much so, they ended up with the second pick overall in the 2020 NBA draft. With that selection, the Warriors selected rookie phenom, James Wiseman, who has been playing great during his first season. He’s currently averaging 12.3 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 1.1 blocks per game.

Due to his high level of play, and possibly a word from Klay Thompson, James Wiseman has officially signed a shoe deal with the Chinese brand, Anta. It’s the same company Klay Thompson and Gordan Hayward are sponsored by. With the addition of Wiseman, it’s clear Anta is attempting to take over the NBA with shoe deals.

It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that Wiseman has officially signed his first shoe deal with Anta, as he was seen wearing a pair of Klay Thompson’s shoes during Friday night’s game against the Charlotte Hornets. Signing this type of sponsorship is a massive goal that nearly every basketball player has for themselves. Especially when you consider the top athletes in the world make more money off their sponsorships than they do from their actual contracts with their teams.

This is a big deal for Wiseman. He’s still a rookie and learning how to play at the professional level, but it’s nice to see an athlete sign with a smaller company rather than one of the big brands. It gives Anta the potential of growing exponentially. Michael Jordan made a similar move during his young career, as he signed with Nike before anybody even knew who that brand was. Wiseman could do the same for Anta.

Look for James Wiseman to be playing in his own signature shoe sometime in the new future. The former number two pick will be playing against the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night, as the Warriors aim to continue their three-game win streak.