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Warriors news: Kevin Durant says teacher that used him as a counter-example to Michael Jordan should be fired, jailed

Kevin Durant

After a teacher took sports fandom to another level, prompting Kevin Durant as an example not to follow and Michael Jordan as one to follow, the Golden State Warriors star didn’t hesitate to fire back with some strong comments.

Durant has taken lots of criticism throughout the past year since leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to forge his future out west with the Golden State Warriors, but some jabs hurt more than others and this one definitely sunk deep.

This unnamed teacher had given kids a handout in hopes of leading a group toward the right academic practices, but turned out unveiling frustrations way beyond the classroom.

By the way this handout has been worded with many exclamation marks and words in capital letters, it seems whoever was trying to get this message through has only succeeded in showing a complete lack of professionalism and etiquette within the school.

If there is one thing that can’t be taken away from Durant, like him or not, is his consistent work for the community, whether it is in Oakland or throughout his nine seasons in Oklahoma City. The reigning Finals MVP has built basketball courts, organized clinics, and done study sessions to influence and help the youth, hence why slander of this caliber cuts deep in the eyes of the 28-year-old star.