Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson is one of the best shooters in the game, and some of the all-time greats have given him a ton of praise for what he has done with the Warriors. One former NBA legend that recently discussed Thompson and his incredible shooting talent is Larry Bird.

Larry Bird spent his entire NBA career playing with the Boston Celtics and he won three NBA Championships. Klay Thompson and the Warriors also know a thing or two about NBA Championships, and Bird recently praised Thompson for his one-of-a-kind shooting ability.

“Klay Thompson has always been one of my favorite players,” Bird said, according to an article from The Athletic. “What an incredible shooter.”

Having one of the all-time NBA greats say that about you has to be pretty cool for Thompson. Before he was a star with the Warriors, Thompson grew up watching Bird and the Celtics in the NBA. Now, Bird is praising him.

“It’s very nice to be reminded, especially from someone like Larry, who I not only looked up to but who I heard about my whole life — especially from my dad,” Thompson said. “I watched the Showtime Lakers versus those Celtics teams, and it was just a really cool thing to hear. To hear him going out of his way to say that meant so much to me. Ray sent me the clip, and I’m gonna keep that clip forever.”

Thompson has already done a lot in his career, but he and the Warriors are always looking to add more accolades to the resume. Thompson's splash brother, Steph Curry, is still with him on Warriors, and as long as those two are in Golden State, the team will always have the potential to be great. It will be exciting to watch Thompson and the Warriors for years to come.