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Klay Thompson may not have given Zaza Pachulia a car after all

Zaza Pachulia, Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson and Zaza Pachulia are close friends that go back to the retired center’s time with the Golden State Warriors. However, they’re not close enough that Klay will actually shell out some serious money for the new Warriors consultant.

LetsGoWarriors clarified the rumors that Thompson actually bought Pachulia a luxury car as a retirement gift.

The video clarified that the Rolls Royce Pachulia and Thompson posed in front of was sponsored by Thompson’s golf tournament meant to aid the Bahamas. This clarifies that while the two players are close, Thompson isn’t willing to shell out a huge amount of money just to buy Zaza a luxury car.

While the tournament was played in good spirits, Thompson didn’t have kind words to say to US President Donald Trump.

“I didn’t appreciate the language [Trump] used with Bahamians,” Thompson told Medina. “They’re gang members and criminals? I’ve known Bahamians my whole life. Yes, there are criminals in Nassau. But there are criminals worldwide. When you lose everything, your home, your loved ones and thousands are dead, and then you generalize a whole population, I thought it was very, very ill advised and bad timing. That language really (ticked) me off.”

The Warriors star is also not letting up with the stingers on the basketball side of things. He believes that the Golden State dynasty is still alive and running.

“The dynasty ain’t over,” Klay said Friday during the second annual Thompson Family Foundation golf tournament in Newport Beach, Calif. “It’s far from over.”

It will be a long season of recovery for Thompson, but he will be more than ready to play once he’s ready. Moreover, he’ll have his bud Zaza to cheer him from the sidelines.