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Warriors star Klay Thompson’s response to playing til he’s 40 like Tom Brady

Warriors, Klay Thompson, Tom Brady

A professional athlete’s career usually doesn’t last very long, but some anomalies exist. NFL legend Tom Brady–who is 44 years old–is one athlete who seems to be winning the battle against father time. Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson hopes he can follow in Brady and others’ footsteps.

“I would like to, but sometimes stuff happens you can’t control. And health is obviously the most important factor when it comes to longevity. So I just want to kill it this year. Not even this year. I just want to kill it at training camp,” Thompson told ClutchPoints during the Warriors’ Media Day on Monday.

Thompson has dealt with two consecutive season-ending injuries the last two years, so talking about how long he wants to play is too far in the future to think about now. Being the good sport Thompson is, he answered anyway.

“But I would love to play until I’m 40. The greatest shooters have always had longevity, whether it be Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, or Steph Curry, or Steve Kerr played forever. I plan on shooting in this league for a long time,” Thompson shared.

Klay Thompson is one of the best shooters ever to play, and his shot hasn’t gone anywhere yet. He hasn’t played in an official game since the 2019 Finals, but you can see viral videos of him making shot after shot effortlessly, proving he still has it.

The sharpshooter is making good progress in rehabbing and is extremely excited about his return. If Thompson is a shell of himself, the Warriors will be a force to be reckoned with and the league should be very afraid.