Warriors news: Klay Thompson reveals his feelings about Oracle Arena and Oakland
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Klay Thompson reveals his feelings about Oracle Arena and Oakland

Warriors, Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors are moving to the Chase Center next season, leaving behind Oracle Arena and the city of Oakland. It’s a move that Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson says will be emotional because of all the great memories the team has had in Oakland.

The Warriors have won three out of the last four championships. The parades in downtown Oakland have been tremendous. Warriors fans have been through a lot with their team. Thompson says he and his teammates are going to miss playing in Oracle Arena.

“I mean, Oracle and Oakland have been great to us,” Thompson told Jon Wertheim of Sports Illustrated. “I mean, you saw it during the parades. Million-plus people. It’s only a city of about 500,000. To people who pour into the city and support us means so much. And, just to be a light in the city as well.

“I mean, I know it’s been on—had some rough times, but, you know, like I said, be that light for people. And to give people hope, like we’ve been doin’ in Oakland for the last 40 years, how long we’ve been here. Of course, it’s gonna be sentimental. I mean, we’ve been done great things in that building and had great memories.”

Thompson and the Warriors will try and win one more title for the fans in Oakland this season.