The Golden State Warriors aren't putting out a championship-level product so far during the 2023-24 season, but the Dubs franchise has noticed more than a few silver linings.

Recently, Warriors star Draymond Green shared his true feelings on the choke against Rudy Gobert that led to his suspension. Green spoke in defiance of the suspension and what he believes is an NBA vendetta against him based on his past. On Monday, it was business as usual for the Warriors in preparation for tomorrow night's playoff rematch and showdown against the Sacramento Kings.

Klay Thompson's thoughts on Warriors rookie

Klay Thompson is a Top 75 NBA Player of all-time, a sharpshooter and defensive wizard who knows talent when he sees it. Some fans believe the savvy former Washington State Cougars star is a coach in the making after his player days in the Bay Area are over.

On Monday, Thompson shared his thoughts on Bradin Podziemski, a first-round pick out of Santa Clara who has impressed him lately. Reporter Dalton Johnson revealed the news on Twitter. Thompson reportedly said that the ex-Santa Clara star is “looking like a steal of a draft pick.”

Podziemski's stats vs. rookie counterparts

Podziemski has stats that compare favorably to much of the NBA's current rookie class, albeit in far less minutes.

He is averaging 6.5 points and 3.8 rebounds for coach Steve Kerr's Warriors. Podziemski has shot 40.7 percent from 3-point range so far this season and is shooting nearly 45 percent from beyond the arc in his last 10 games for the Dubs.

As the Warriors continue to find their rhythm and best lineup combinations both on offense and defense, Podziemski's development looms large. The challenge now for Kerr's team is to continue to tweak the lineup while improving on both ends of the court in what has become a crowded Western Conference playoff race already.