Warriors news: Mychal Thompson thinks Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant aren't going anywhere
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Mychal Thompson thinks Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant aren’t going anywhere

Mychal Thompson, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant

Mychal Thompson, father of Golden State Warriors sharpshooter Klay Thompson, has again given us a hint on how the Dubs are going to stack up next season. According to the retired two-time NBA champ, not only is his son, Klay, going to sign a new deal with the Warriors, but so will back-to-back Finals MVP Kevin Durant.

This is not the first time Mychal has publicly expressed his son’s desire to stay on in Oakland for the long haul. However, he has treated Warriors supporters with what may turn out to be insider information on Durant’s plans for the immediate future.

“Listen. They’re all gonna stay. Ain’t nobody going nowhere, man,” Mychal said in a recent radio interview on KNBR 680, via Drew Shiller of NBC Sports Bay Area. “They got something special and unique up there. There’s no reason to break that up. Those guys are special. And if they listen to me — if they keep them together for another five or seven or eight years — let ’em all retire as Warriors.

“That’s what my advice would be.”

Mychal is certainly speaking the truth here. The Warriors are in the midst of building their dynasty, so why would anyone want to leave such a rewarding situation, right? Well, Durant might have a thing or two to say about that come this summer, once he enters free agency.

Nonetheless, Mychal did reassure Warriors fans that his son has not changed his mind about re-signing with the team in the offseason.

“No, I don’t see it,” he said. “As long as Joe Lacob and Peter Guber and the Warriors organization wants him there — and the coaching staff and the fan base — as long as he’s wanted, there’s no reason to leave.”

Next summer is definitely going to be a very interesting one for the Warriors — one that will likely dictate the landscape of the entire NBA for the foreseeable future.