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Rich Kleiman has no issue with Warriors star Kevin Durant engaging in social media battles

Warriors, Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant’s manager and business partner Rich Kleiman sees no issue with the Golden State Warriors forward engaging on a little back-and-forth in social media.

Durant has been notorious for being the only high-profile hooper willing to engage people on Twitter and Instagram, never missing a chance to defend his name or his beliefs, no matter who is coming at him.

“I love it,” said Kleiman. “Because I know enough to know it doesn’t represent anything more than what it is. Kevin has every right to engage and communicate and have fun and banter, because I think we all do it to a degree, it’s just magnified [for him]. It’s something that he likes to do and I don’t ever want to feel like my position as his manager means that I should have the right to tell him not to do something or tell him he should be a certain way.

“He’s a 30-year-old man who’s built this incredible enterprise for himself. We’ve had honest conversations, but never would I call him and tell him ‘that’s such a bad thing to do for your brand.'”

Most recently, Durant clapped back at Fox Sports 1 personality Chris Broussard for claiming to have long conversations with Durant about his faith and several other things. The four-time scoring champion said Broussard didn’t have his number to begin with, capping any potential response from him.

Durant also doesn’t keep himself from having a little sarcastic fun with someone reacting to one of his reactions. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Durant has built an image of one of the thinnest-skinned players due to his reactionary style of confrontation, but that has been a stark contrast from his first few years in Oklahoma City, where he could have made a Dean’s List and the Honor Roll for discipline, often offering a menu of PR salad with the media.

KD’s interactions with others also have made him gain the feel of a more accessible star, instead of one that often keeps his thoughts to himself.