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Scottie Pippen doesn’t see any reason why Stephen Curry shouldn’t be front-runner for MVP in 2019-20

Warriors, Stephen Curry, Scottie Pippen

Chicago Bulls legend and NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen doesn’t see any reason why Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry shouldn’t be the front-runner for the MVP award in 2019-20.

With Kevin Durant gone and Klay Thompson expected to miss a big chunk of the season rehabbing his ACL injury, Curry’s usage rate is going to be off the charts and he is poised to put up spectacular numbers for the Warriors.

Stephen Curry is a two-time MVP, three-time champion and the greatest shooter in NBA history. He’s already a first-ballot Hall of Famer. The Warriors star doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. The fact that some people believe Curry is under pressure next season is mind-boggling. They must have forgotten how special of a résumé Curry already has.

A case can be made Curry is going to play more freely in 2019-20 since no one has pegged the Warriors as a title contender. That might be a sight no one in the league wants to see.

Curry playing loose and with no pressure is a scary sight for NBA teams. Steph might lead the NBA in scoring this upcoming season, which could help him capture his third MVP award.

It’s going to be a lot of fun to follow Curry and the Warrior, that’s for sure. We could see the return of 2015-16 Curry, when he averaged 30.1 points and won the MVP award in unanimous fashion.