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Shaquille O’Neal’s honest take on Warriors star Stephen Curry being the ‘most influential’ player over the last 30 years

Stephen Curry, Warriors, Shaquille O'Neal

Not many will argue against the notion of Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry being one of, if not the most influential player over the past three decades. Apparently, even the great Shaquille O’Neal himself agrees.

On a recent appearance on the Dan Patrick ShowShaq explained why he believes this to be true. The program’s host, Dan Patrick, first made the claim:

“I think Steph Curry is the most influential basketball player of the last 30 years because he’s given everybody hope that they could play in the NBA,” Patrick stated.

Shaq then seconded Patrick’s statement:

“I’m watching these little kids now and I’m like, ‘Bro, I’ve never seen a little kid do a dribble like that, shoot like that.’ Yes, I would agree,” Shaq said.

It is worth noting that Shaquille O’Neal himself played in the NBA during the aforementioned 30-year period, and he too has emerged as an all-time great. So did a lesser-known fella named Michael Jordan. That dude was pretty influential, too, right?

Then again, Shaq and Patrick make an excellent point here. Curry is able to connect to a wider audience simply because he’s unlike any other star out there. He’s not the most athletic player around, and at just 6-foot-3, he also gives off a “normal guy” kind of vibe. This leads many supporters to believe that Stephen Curry’s achievements are indeed attainable. That with a combination of hard work, perseverance, and a little bit of luck, anyone out there can be like Steph.