Warriors news: Stephen Curry admits frustration over minutes at times
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Stephen Curry admits frustration over minutes at times

Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors have become the dominant team in the league that has reached three straight NBA Finals while earning a pair of NBA titles.

This has often led to the Warriors breezing through the regular season schedule, which has allowed for the coaching staff to lessen the minute workload of their core group of players. At the same time, it has often times seen them fizzle out in close, competitive games — which that same ploy of cutting down the minutes has been a frustrating process for two-time league MVP Stephen Curry, according to Mark Medina of the San Jose Mercury News.

“My frustrations come up when I end the quarter hot and at the end of the third quarter and I want to keep playing in the fourth just to get the momentum going. That’s not part of our approach. It’s usually a no,” Curry said. “Then on the other end, if I’m on the bench in the fourth quarter and another team goes on a run or something, my competitiveness is I want to get back out there and help my team and go in there a little bit earlier.”

Stephen Curry


It is a difficult situation for Curry or for any other player to experience; for that matter, given their competitive nature. However, the Warriors understand his importance to the team along with other players such as Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson, and don’t want to wear them thin through the duration of a season.

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Aside from Durant, who is averaging a team-high 36.4 minutes per game, the likes of Curry, Thompson, and Green are all at least seeing a slim decline in minutes this season. The long-term plan for the Warriors is to have their entire group healthy to give it a go for another deep run in the playoffs, hoping for a fourth straight NBA Finals appearance and third championship.

Ultimately, this is a process that Curry will have to exercise his patience with throughout the season while keeping the end goal in mind.