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Stephen Curry credits college coach for making him believe in his star potential

Warriors, Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry says he wouldn’t be the superstar he is in the NBA without the help of his coach at Davidson, Bob McKillop.

Curry says McKillop gave him the confidence to become a star because he empowered him at Davidson.

“He gave me all the confidence in the world, in terms of what I could be — in terms of being a man, the balance of on-the-court and off-the-court expectations,” Curry told ESPN’s Tom Junod, via NBC Bay Area. “He was an example of that every day, and we had no choice but to follow suit.

“He told me when I was a freshman that I had license to shoot any shot I wanted, but I’d have to work for it. I’d have to put in the time and actually commit to learning on the job. Even when I failed early freshman year, he stayed in my ear because he saw my potential before I did.”

The Warriors drafted Curry with the seventh overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. Not even Golden State thought Curry would carve out the career he has so far, but they sure are happy with the results.

Curry is a two-time league MVP, three-time NBA champion and has established himself as the greatest shooter in NBA history. It looks like the fans in Golden State and the Warriors management have McKillop to thank for Curry becoming the player he is.