Stephen Curry let his emotions get the best of him on Wednesday night. The Golden State Warriors point guard was ejected from the team's primetime matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies after tossing his mouthpiece in a fit of rage following a Jordan Poole miss.

It was just the second time in the regular season he has ever been ejected and the third including the playoffs, all of which have been the result of some mouthpiece-related violence.

Curry spoke at length on the incident after the game, via ClutchPoints' Jack Winter:

“It was a crucial time in the game and the way that our season is going, there's questions about the heightened sense of urgency of how every detail matters,” said Stephen Curry on his ejection after the Warriors win. “When you want something really bad, like just getting a win in a fourth quarter, clutch-time type situation, all that stuff does matter. So I reacted in a way that obviously put myself out of the game, put the team in a tough place. But the intentions and the energy around what matters in the sense of winning, that's what it's about. Thankfully we all responded, my teammates responded really well. Klay with a big shot, JP with the game-winner at the end. Execution was great. We needed that one, so there's a lot of sense of urgency for sure, and I kind of let my emotions get in the way of it.”

The incident would have likely been seen in a much dimmer light had the Warriors lost. Curry's evident frustration with Poole due to an ill-advised shot in a defeat would have sparked some concerns. But Jordan Poole managed to redeem himself and score the game-winning layup, which softened the blowback following the game.

Many felt as though the ejection on Steph Curry was a rather quick trigger from the referee, but rules indicate that tossing a foreign object toward the crowd garners an automatic toss from the playing court.

“When I threw it I was like, ‘I'm not just gonna throw it on the court.' So I threw it pretty hard, but I didn't think it got into the stands or put anybody in danger, so maybe I did hit the floor too hard, but it is what it is.”

Amidst all the drama against the Grizzlies, the Warriors keep pace at .500 in what has been a crowded Western Conference playoff race.