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Warriors star Stephen Curry enters LeBron James territory with imminent $1 billion deal

Stephen Curry, LeBron James

One billion dollars. That’s the mind-boggling amount Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is about to agree on with his sportswear sponsor Under Armour as both parties look to extend his current deal. This is Steph entering LeBron James territory with Curry’s deal mirroring The King’s current lifetime contract with Nike.

According to a report by Matt Sullivan of Rolling Stone, Curry has “nearly locked a lifetime contract with Under Armour worth potentially more than $1 billion.” While the amount is indeed staggering, it’s also true that it doesn’t come as a complete shock considering the magnitude of Stephen Curry’s brand. This man also almost single-handedly propped up the stock value of Under Armour significantly as he rose to superstardom in the NBA. It’s only right that he gets rewarded with a new deal of this proportion.

Curry’s current contract runs through 2024, and it is likely that his new deal will be similar to that of LeBron in that it will also be some sort of lifetime deal. After all, Under Armour is paying him ten figures, so the least they can expect from him is his loyalty for the rest of his life.

It is worth noting, however, that there is currently some friction between Stephen Curry and Under Armour founder Kevin Plank. The 50-year-old billionaire claims that there’s no beef between himself and Steph, but this might not be the entire truth. Curry previously criticized the way Plank ran his business, and more recently they seemed to be at odds with regard to Plank’s staunch support for former United States President Donald Trump, among other things.